Petite vixen relishes rough double anal penetration.

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Petite Girl Gets Ga Rough Double Anal Penetration [8 min]

A Physical Tale of Petite Vixen’s Rough Double Anal Adventure

Hey there, you sultry grown-ups, get ready for a steamy ride as I recount the tantalizing tale of our petite vixen and her craving for some raw, rough double anal penetration. This ain’t for the faint-hearted or the prudes, so if you’re easily offended, best to turn back now.

Our petite vixen, let’s call her Bambi, was a spitfire of a thing. She stood at a petite 5’2″ and weighed barely a hundred pounds, but don’t let her size fool you. Bambi had a insatiable appetite for the forbidden delights of the wicked world, and double anal was just one of her many kinks.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Double anal? Isn’t that a bit extreme, even for someone with a fiery side? But let me tell you, Bambi didn’t do things by halves. She wanted to feel every inch of her body stretched and filled to the brim. And so, she sought out the most skilled and dominating men she could find to help her explore her lusful desires.

It was a near summer night when Bambi met Jack and Jill, two hulking men with muscles bulging from every inch of their bodies. They were the rough and tumble type, the kind of men who would take charge and give it to you good. And Bambi knew just what she wanted.

The three of them retired to Jack and Jill’s dimly lit den of sin, the room filled with the heady scent of their combined arousal. Bambi was already wet just thinking about what was to come. Jack and Jill moved in, their large hands grazing her small frame as they devoured her with their eyes. They couldn’t resist a taste, and soon enough, their lips were on hers, their hands exploring every inch of her body.

Bambi moaned as they undressed her, her heart pounding in her chest. Jack and Jill took turns teasing her, their hands and tongues exploring every crevice of her body. But soon enough, they knew it was time. They positioned her on all fours, her small frame quivering with anticipation.

Jack moved in first, his voluptuous, rough cock pressing against her entrance. Bambi’s eyes flew wide as he slowly, deliberately entered her. She felt every inch of him as he filled her up, her body adjusting to the intrusion. Jack gave her a moment to adjust, before Jill joined in.

Jill’s entry was rougher, his size threatening to overwhelm her. But Bambi craved the sensation, her body quivering with ecstasy as they both entered her, their cocks filling her up from both sides. They began to move in unison, their powerful thrusts driving arousing into her, their roughness pushing her to new heights.

Bambi’s moans filled the room as Jack and Jill continued, their bodies slapping against hers as they took her in turns. They were merciless, their dominance pushing her to the brink of orgasm. And as they began to pick up the pace, she felt herself teetering on the edge, her body shaking with the driven sensation.

With a final, powerful thrust, they both came, their driven seed filling her up and spilling out over her. Bambi lay there, spent and sated, her body quivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She knew she would carry the memories of that night with her forever, a testament to her insatiable appetite for the forbidden delights of the naughty world.

Now, I hope you enjoyed that little tale, you lusful grown-ups. But remember, this isn’t just a fantasy. Double anal is an extreme act that requires caution, communication, and consent between all parties involved. So, if you’re thinking of giving it a try, make sure you’re prepared and that all involved are on the same page. And always remember, it’s important to practice safe sex and take care of yourself and your partners.

So, until next time, I’ll leave you with this thought: What other forbidden delights does our petite vixen Bambi have in store for us? Stay tuned to find out. But for now, this is your friendly neighborhood pornographer signing off.


This content is intended for mature audiences only and is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. Double anal penetration and other extreme close acts carry risks and should not be attempted without proper preparation, communication, and consent from all parties involved. Always practice safe sex and take care of yourself and your partners.

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