Latex-clad Patricia and Maz explore extreme double anal, elbow-deep in forbidden ecstasy.

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Extreme Double Anal and Elbow Deep Fisting featuring Latex Mistress Patricia and Maz Morbid [7 min]

Latex-Clad Patricia and Maz’s Extreme Double Anal Adventure: Elbow-Deep in Forbidden Ecstasy

Warning: This post contains explicit content and is intended for mature audiences only.

Setting the Scene

The room was bathed in a soft, red glow. The scent of rubber filled the air, mingling with the alluring aroma of arousal. Patricia, a tall, curvaceous beauty with raven black hair, stood before a full-length mirror. Her reflection showed off her sleek, latex-clad body, every curve accentuated by the shiny material. Maz, a muscular man with piercing blue eyes, watched her avidly.

Forbidden Pleasures

Patricia turned to face Maz, her lips curving into a seductive smile. “Are you ready, my love?” she purred, grabbing the bottle of lubricant from the nightstand. Maz nodded, his eyes never leaving her body. Patricia straddled him, her latex-sheathed breasts pressing against his chest.

With a slick finger, Patricia probed Maz’s anus, preparing him for the extreme orgam they were about to explore. “You’re so tight, Maz,” she breathed, her voice low and husky. Maz moaned, his body arching as she slid a second finger in, followed by a third.

Extreme Double Anal

Patricia reached for the dildos, their bulbous heads coated in lubricant. She teased Maz’s entrance with one, then inserted both, elbows-deep in his body. Maz grunted, his muscles tensing as Patricia began to move, her hips swaying rhythmically.

The room filled with slapping flesh and wooly breathing. Patricia’s latex-clad breasts bounced with each thrust, her nipples hard and sensitive. Maz’s hands gripped the bed sheets, his body slick with sweat as he met Patricia’s movements.

Elbow-Deep in Ecstasy

Patricia leaned forward, her body pressed against Maz’s, her breath wild against his ear as she whispered, “You fancy this, don’t you, Maz? You love having me elbow-deep in your asset?”

Maz’s only response was a low groan, his body trembling as he came, spilling excited seed onto the bed beneath them. Patricia rode him through his come off, her body still moving, still exploring the forbidden bliss they’d discovered.

As they lay there, panting and spent, Patricia traced the sweat-slicked line of Maz’s jaw. “That was amazing,” she whispered, her voice full of satisfaction. Maz nodded, his eyes half-closed, a contented smile on his lips.

And so, they basked in the afterglow, their bodies still connected, their minds reeling from the extreme coming they’d shared. Latex-clad and satisfied, they knew they’d unlocked a new level of intimacy in their relationship.

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