Intense passion culminates in forbidden pleasures.

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ANAL Chronicles Part of What You Know About Creampie [17 min]

When Passion Goes Forbidden: A Rough & Enamored Anal Creampie Experience

Scene: A dimly-lit, luxurious penthouse

In the heart of the city, where the elite reside, a steamy affair unfolds. The room’s ambiance is set by the soft glow of candles, casting shadows on the sleek, polished surfaces. The air is thick with anticipation, the tension palpable.

She’s a bad girl, a temptress in a slinky red dress, her eyes sparkling with mischief. He’s a rough-around-the-edges hunk, a bad boy with a smoldering gaze and a wicked grin. They’ve been dancing around each other all night, their chemistry undeniable.

He moves closer, his hands rough on her bare arms, pulling her private. Their lips meeting in a heated kiss, tongues dueling as they devour each other. She wraps her legs around his waist, grinding against him, both of them losing themselves in the moment.

He breaks the kiss, trailing his lips down her neck, nibbling at her earlobe. “You’re mine, baby,” he growls, his voice gravelly with desire. She moans, her body arching as he undoes the buttons on her dress, letting it slide off her shoulders.

He tosses the dress aside, his eyes raking over her naked body. She’s a vision, her breasts full and huge, her nipples hard and begging for his touch. He bends down, capturing a nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting, making her squirm with ecstasy.

He moves lower, his hands roaming over her curves as he trails kisses down her stomach. She’s panting now, her breaths ecstasy in short, shallow gasps. He reaches her thighs, spreading her legs wide, exposing her most lewd area.

He looks up at her, a adult gleam in his eyes. “You want it, don’t you?” he asks, his voice low and seductive. She nods, biting her lip, unable to speak. He grins, standing up and pulling off his pants.

He’s hard and ready, his cock throbbing as he looks at her. She swallows, her eyes wide as he moves closer, his cock poised at her entrance. He teases her, just the tip entering, slowly, inch by inch. She moans, her body tightening around him as he fills her up.

He starts to move, his thrusts hot and rough, sending waves of coming coursing through her. She’s screaming now, her body arching off the bed, her hands gripping the sheets. He’s pounding into her, his pace quickening, their bodies slapping together.

He leans down, capturing her lips in a erotic, intense kiss as he starts to slow down. She can feel it, the familiar cumming building, growing stronger with each passing second. He pulls out, leaving her gasping for breath, her body trembling.

He moves lower, his tongue darting out to taste her, licking her up and down. She’s whimpering now, her body shaking with the intensity of her orgasm. He stands up, his cock glistening with her juices.

He positions himself, his cock poised at her entrance once more. She looks up at him, her eyes wide with anticipation. He pushes in, slowly, filling her up again. She moans as he starts to move, his thrusts shallow at first, building in intensity.

He’s grunting now, his body tense as he starts to cum, filling her up with his seed. She’s screaming, her body convulsing around him as she has another orgasm. They collapse onto the bed, their bodies entwined, both of them spent.

They lie there, panting and sweaty, their bodies glistening in the candlelight. He rolls onto his side, pulling her intimate, her back pressed against his chest. They’re silent for a moment, their hearts beating in sync.

He breaks the silence, his voice rough with emotion. “Fuck, I needed that.” She nods, her voice thick with emotion. “Me too.”

And with that, they drift off to sleep, their bodies still entwined, their minds at peace. It was a forbidden climax, a taboo they both embraced. And they knew they’d do it again.

Anal sex videos are for adults only. This scene is an naughty fantasy and should not be attempted without proper consent, protection, and communication. Always practice safe sex.

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