Ex-lover’s double anal adventure.

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Exgirlfriend double anal [24 min]

Hey Babe, Guess What Your Ex Was Up To…

A Rough Double Anal Adventure, Just for Your Curious Mind

Alright, concentrate up, you kinky minx! I’ve were given a sizzling deep story that is gonna make your pulse race. Your ex, the only you concept had a vanilla palate, smartly, child, he is been diving into the grew to become on finish of the pool.

Double Trouble, Double Climax

You know that horny taboo, double anal play? Yep, your ex has been exploring that forbidden fruit, and boy, did he love each juicy chew! Now, I ain’t no puritan, and I reckon you ain’t neither, so let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty.

Imagine the scene: Your ex, unfold eagle, two good-looking stallions status on both sides of him, able to overcome new territory. The room is stuffed with anticipation, the air thick with lust. The first probe, sluggish and secure, easing into the forbidden gates, after which the second one… oh, child, the cumming will have to had been indescribable!

Moans and Groans, Oh My!

I wager you’ll be able to pay attention the moans and groans, cannot you? The 3 of them, misplaced within the rhythm of the dance, each and every thrust using them nearer to ecstasy. The sweat dripping, the our bodies slick and glistening, the odor of lust placing huge within the air.

The ecstasy will have to had been explosive, the set free of anxiety palpable. Your ex, spent and glad, surrounded by way of two males who had helped him discover a brand new frontier of ecstasy. And oh, how I want I may have been there to witness all of it!

Remember, This Ain’t for the Faint of Heart

Now, simply because your ex has ventured into the sector of double anal, it does not imply you must apply go well with. This ain’t a how-to information, babe. What I’m describing is for the mature target market, those who can deal with the warmth. So stay it in thoughts as you fantasize about your naty ex’s journey, alright?

Stay candy, and bear in mind to stay your lusful facet glad. After all, selection is the spice of lifestyles!

Your lusful narrator.

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